First Lady Melania Trump underwent an Interventional Radiology procedure called embolization for the treatment of her kidney, as referenced in a statement by Society of Interventional Radiology President M. Victoria Marx, MD, FSIR.

Dr. Marx explained that “The beauty of this solution is that no open surgery is required, reducing both the patient’s risk and recovery time. In many cases, patients can go home the same day. Sometimes a short stay in the hospital is required, depending upon the patient and area treated.”

Embolization, or the process of obstructing a blood vessel or organ, is practiced by Interventional Radiologists to effectively treat trauma, fibroids, or tumors. During an embolization procedure, the Interventional Radiologist inserts a catheter into the artery through a very small incision that is barely noticeable once healed. Through the use of guided imaging, an agent is delivered to block blood flow.

This treatment method is not only used for the shrinking of fibroids or tumors, but also for hemorrhaging or an enlarged prostate. Uterine artery embolization (UAE), chemoembolization (TACE), radioembolization (Y-90), prostatic artery embolization (PAE), and bariatric artery embolization (BAE) are all performed by Interventional Radiologists.

The Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Interventional Radiologists at Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) provide many of these kinds of minimally invasive procedures, including embolizations, to patients in Fredericksburg, Stafford, and the surrounding region.

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