Fredericksburg, VA (PRUnderground) September 20th, 2019. Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) seeks to educate the community about peripheral arterial disease (PAD) throughout the month of September, known as “PAD Awareness Month”.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a chronic circulatory condition that affects 8 to 12 million people in the United States. Men and women over 50 are at the greatest risk of developing PAD. It is characterized by painful cramping in the leg that occurs when walking, but typically disappears when the activity stops. Other symptoms include: numbness, tingling, and weakness in the lower legs and feet; burning or aching pain in feet or toes when resting; a slow-healing sore on the leg or feet; loss of leg hair; and color or temperature changes in the leg. A consultation is recommended if one or more symptoms are present.

“When plaque–which is made up of fat and cholesterol in the blood–builds up in the arteries, the arteries become clogged or narrowed,” explained Dr. R. Donald Doherty, Jr., Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Interventional Radiologist at VIVA. “This process is known as atherosclerosis. Clogged arteries limit the blood flow to the limbs, depriving the muscles and cells in your limbs of rich, oxygen-filled blood.”

If you or someone you know is concerned about the symptoms of peripheral arterial disease or other common vascular conditions, Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) is offering a free ‘Leg Health Checker’ at To schedule a consultation, call VIVA at 540-654-9118.

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