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Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg (MIF) offers state-of-the-art preventative screenings that are improving lives.

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Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) is proud to offer high-quality, state-of-the-art services, bringing incredible value to the region.

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Peripheral arterial disease, often called PAD, is a condition in which your extremities do not receive enough blood flow to keep up with demand. PAD most often occurs in the legs. The lack of blood flow causes many patients to have trouble walking for long periods of time.

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When it comes to arterial diseases, knowing the symptoms and risks can increase your life expectancy and provide more years of mobility and enjoyment.

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Also known as venous insufficiency, venous disease is usually associated with varicose veins and leg heaviness. In simplest terms, it is a lack of blood flow towards the heart from the legs.

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